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How CPOMS Saved Me During an Ofsted Inspection

The date was Thursday 11 October 2018. The Tuesday before, Ofsted had announced a surprise inspection at a CPOMS customer’s school. 

After having enjoyed relatively calm day compared to her colleagues, this CPOMS user — the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead at the time — was feeling relaxed about the inspection so far. Then, everything changed. 

This user, now a CPOMS customer success team member, had no idea that she was about to experience a moment of panic only a couple of hours later. 

“The Ofsted inspector turned to me and asked: ‘Can you show me how your Deputy Head [a close colleague of hers] is using the system?” 

“I had a brief rabbit in the headlights moment,” she says. “The pressure of those inspections is so great. You don’t want to let anyone down.” 

Then she remembers that CPOMS Audit, a crucial (though sometimes overlooked) feature, held the key. You simply input the staff member’s name, and all is revealed. 

“You get a full list of paper trail of what they’ve done… Read receipts and things like that,” she says. “It was such a relief to be able to run that report and show the inspector right then and there. 

Safeguarding provisions and reporting is one of the things Ofsted measures schools and other settings, such as colleges and youth groups, on. They must demonstrate that they’re able to meet their statutory responsibilities. Inspectors may look for things like:  

  • How you handle harmful behaviours within your setting
  • A list of safeguarding concerns and how they’ve been shared with the safeguarding lead  
  • How regularly you’re reviewing safeguarding requirements and procedures 
  • Safeguarding records and how regularly they’re updated  
  • If your safeguarding provision is effective or ineffective

Having a digital system in place for tracking wellbeing and safeguarding means that when Ofsted visits, it’s easier and more efficient to access the information you need.  Plus, with CPOMS, you get access to regular training and advice on how to make the most of its capabilities. 

“Without regular training and refresher sessions, I would have been lost,” she adds. “I’m grateful that my school was on top of that!” 

To learn more about how CPOMS can help you monitor and effectively report on safeguarding and wellbeing, book a demo today.     

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