CPOMS StaffSafe

CPOMS has revolutionised safeguarding in schools. We’re always receptive to input from our customers and following extensive feedback, we’re delighted to announce the launch of CPOMS StaffSafe.

Within CPOMS StaffSafe you can upload, keep, record and govern all information regarding adults working within your setting.

From managing and maintaining your Single Central Record (SCR) to creating a chronology regarding information about individuals, CPOMS StaffSafe is easy to use, easy to access and easy to manage.


How could it benefit you or your school…

Staff Chronologies

From Performance Management and Welfare Concerns to General Comments and the recording of Allegations made, schools can record all information about individuals, against as many categories of their choice.

Track Patterns

The relevant members of staff can track any patterns emerging for individual staff members, helping them to implement the right level of support at the right time.

Single Central Record

Using our intuitive System Builder, you can upload your current SCR spreadsheet into the system, set parameters of your choice and easily monitor whole school, group and individual compliance.

Fully Customisable

Choose as many different role and check types as fit the need of your setting. Record and track training and set reminders about when upcoming training records and checks need to be renewed.

If you are not a school, please contact us for pricing

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The Annual Hosted Service Price
for a Primary School

with    pupils* is

* you can change the number of pupils



Customers looking to purchase CPOMS and CPOMS StaffSafe at the same time are currently entitled to a 50% reduction on the list price of CPOMS StaffSafe.


bundled discount



bundled discount


All annual charges include

• Unlimited SoftKeys
   delivered via our iOS or Android app
• MIS Integration

Annual charges include all costs associated with integrating with your MIS. We currently support automatic integration for Arbor, Bromcom, Engage, Facility/CMIS, Integris G2, iSAMS, Progresso, PupilAsset, ScholarPack, SchoolBase, SchoolPod, SIMS.NET, Teacher Centre, Veracross, VS & WCBS. We also support custom integrations with systems such as ebs, ManageBac, ProSolution, REMS & UNIT-e. Manual integration can be offered to schools using a different MIS. Should automatic integration be a requirement for schools using an MIS which is not currently supported, we would be happy to explore options but would reserve the right to charge a one off extraction fee.
Please contact us to discuss.


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