Collaborate Seamlessly Across Settings in Support of Pupil Wellbeing

safeguarding software for Local Authorities
Safeguarding Solution for schools -Streamlining Processes

Why is it important?

CPOMS Engage simplifies the sharing of sensitive pupil chronologies and streamlines your safeguarding processes when a child attends multiple schools, or is in social care, a virtual school, children missing education (CME), elective home education (EHE), or work-related learning. Safeguarding, child protection, pastoral and welfare information can be shared swiftly and securely across settings via an automated CPOMS Share Contract. Local Authorities can also provide direct visibility of domestic abuse incidents received from Police.

Now you can eliminate the need to reformat files, send secure emails and make countless phone calls to track down information. Thorough auditing and reporting create transparency and accountability for those entrusted to the care of pupils and students.


Removing Silos and Barriers to Information-Sharing and Enhance Your Safeguarding Processes

CME, EHE & Travellers
CPOMS Engage can help local authorities monitor Children Missing in Education (CME), enabling them to on-roll CME onto the software and track if a transfer request comes in from another CPOMS school, anywhere in the country. Now you can easily gather and collate information on students who have recently been added to the Elected Home Education list.
Domestic Abuse Teams
Streamline the processes associated with Operation Encompass and Domestic Abuse Notifications and get straight to helping the child. CPOMS Engage allows the Local Authority to inform the DSL at the school of any recent Domestic Abuse situation in a much timelier manner.
Integrated Front Door/MASH
Enable teams to focus on Integrated Front Door Service/MASH cases rather than locating information. CPOMS Engage puts critical information at your fingertips, so you can attend to the needs of the child.

Social Care/Early Help

Readily obtain school data on child protection or other vulnerable students including progress updates on Early Help Referrals.

CPOMS Engage allows the Local Authority to receive and share this information back with the school.

Virtual Schools & Work-Related Learning (WRL) Teams
Save time and resources by eliminating the need for secure emails and phone calls when CPOMS Engage can automatically alert the Virtual Headteacher or WRL Team Leads who can monitor vulnerable children remotely.

Keeping Your Focus on the Child

Remove Information Silos
The CPOMS Share Contract removes the complexity of sharing sensitive pupil data so authorised staff can view a more complete picture of a child’s wellbeing. Share Contracts are set up through CPOMS and sent to the desired school where a pupil is on roll. Configuration of data sharing includes frequency and type of data to be shared, one-time transfer of data or ongoing sharing for a designated time and who should have access to the information. Of course, schools retain full control of the data they choose to share.
Gain Transparency and Accountability
CPOMS Engage creates a way of sharing chronologies and providing accountability. Within your setting, you can see who has sent what information, when, who’s picked it up and who’s acting on it. Easily identify where interventions need to take place and send information back to the school about actions that have been taken, along with a summary.
Maximise Your Resources
By removing the barriers to information-sharing, Local Authorities can truly leverage a multi-agency approach where information is readily shared, and expertise and talents are put to good use for the benefit of the child.

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