CPOMS Engage™ FOR Schools

Simplify the Sharing of Sensitive Pupil Chronologies Across Settings

CPOMS Engage™ safeguarding software for schools
Ensuring a Joined-up Approach to Safeguarding

Why is it important?

With CPOMS Engage, Safeguarding, Child Protection, pastoral and welfare information can be shared across settings via a CPOMS Share Contract. The simplicity and speed of the software help ensure a more timely, collaborative approach to pupil safety and wellbeing.


Simplify the sharing of sensitive pupil chronologies and enhance your safeguarding processes

Start Today!
CPOMS customers already have this capability. Simply notify CPOMS that your Local Authority is ready to share data and your system will be activated.
Securely Share Information
Create a seamless, secure transfer of pupil information with your Local Authority with a CPOMS Share Contract. Set up within CPOMS, Share Contracts are set up within CPOMS Engage and are configurable to your preferences including frequency, type of data to be shared and who should have access to the information. Schools retain full control of the data they choose to share.
Domestic Violence Notifications
Local Authorities can provide direct visibility of domestic abuse incidents received from Police. Entered at the Local Authority, the Domestic Violence Notifications become available immediately to your school.
Simplify Sensitive Data-Sharing
CPOMS Engage eliminates the need to reformat files, send secure emails and make countless phone calls. The data you specify is shared securely reducing administrative duties and enhancing safeguarding duties.
Maximise Resources
When it’s easier to share information with Local Authorities, Trusts, PRUs and other agencies, you can focus on putting the expertise and talents of your staff to good use for the benefit of the child.

Promoting Timely Collaboration for Student Wellbeing

For Pupil Referral Units

CPOMS Engage helps PRUs receive critical data from the referring establishment regarding the pupil’s background, including attainment, attendance and the pupil’s behavioural, emotional and social needs.

CPOMS Engage also helps PRUs share information with the referring institution in an ongoing fashion. This can help with reintegration planning and success.

For Multi-academy Trusts

With CPOMS Engage at the Trust, academy schools can seamlessly share data with the central safeguarding team for a collaborative approach toward pupil wellbeing.

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