CPOMS Engage for Local Authorities

Simplifies the Sharing of Sensitive Child Chronologies Across Settings

CPOMS Engage Safeguarding Software for Local Authorities
Ensuring Effective Safeguarding Strategies for Dual Registered Pupils

Removes Barriers to Sharing Sensitive Pupil Data

CPOMS Engage simplifies the sharing of sensitive pupil chronologies across your Local Authority and enhances safeguarding processes.

Remove Information Silos 

The CPOMS Share Contract removes the complexity of sharing sensitive pupil data so authorised staff can easily view a more complete picture of a child’s wellbeing.   

Collaborate Across Settings

More readily connect the dots in a situation and address pupil concerns before they become significant problems. 


Truly leverage a multi-agency approach where information is readily shared, and expertise and talents are put to good use for the benefit of the child. 

The Many Benefits of CPOMS Engage for Local Authorities


Tailor CPOMS Safeguarding software to meet your exact needs, including categories of concern, user roles and permissions, input forms and alerts. This helps ensure an effective, easy-to-use tool for staff, DSLs and Headteachers.

Multi-agency Safeguarding Teams 
Increase the security and timely delivery of urgent domestic abuse notifications between Police, Social Workers and Headteachers and get straight to helping the child. CPOMS Engage provides a secure, instant transfer of information directly into a pupil’s chronology. 

Virtual Schools 

Save time and resources by eliminating the need for secure emails and phone calls when CPOMS Engage can automatically alert the Virtual Headteacher who can monitor vulnerable children remotely. 


Enrol children missing in education (CME) onto the software and track if a transfer request comes in from another CPOMS school, anywhere in the country. Easily gather and collate information on students who have recently been added to the elected home education (EHE) list. 

Integrated Front Door/MASH/MAST

Enable teams to focus on integrated front-door service cases rather than locating information. CPOMS Engage puts critical information at your fingertips, so you can attend to the needs of the child. 

Social Care/Early Help

Readily obtain school data on child protection or other vulnerable students including progress updates on Early Help Referrals. CPOMS Engage removes the hardships of gathering this information so you can focus on the student.  
Work-related Learning 
Enhance the collaboration between the WRL team and the alternative settings where a young person attends. 

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