Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of questions that we are asked about CPOMS all the time.
If you have another please don’t hesitate to ask.

Can all staff across school see sensitive information?

No, in the same way in which all staff would not have access to the designated persons file, they do not have access to all of the information you have on CPOMS. Staff without the CPOMS Authenticator App, which allows relevant members of staff access via Two-Factor-Authentication, can record information for you in the same way in which they might have traditionally filled out a paper based referral form – they cannot search the system for information.

If you choose to give a member of staff access via the CPOMS Authenticator App, you can restrict what they see along category or year group lines.

Is Training included

One of the key benefits of CPOMS is how intuitive it is to use.

If you feel you do require training, each school is entitled to one online training session of CPOMS, which can be booked at

We also run weekly webinars, which can be access at any time should you need a refresher.

The topics are as follows:

  • Getting Started – This webinar walks you through logging in to CPOMS for the first time and creating your key, amongst other things.
  • Administration – This webinar is aimed at users who have access to the CPOMS Admin area.
  • Reporting – This webinar is aimed at users who want to learn how to generate reports to analyse CPOMS data.
  • General Training – This webinar takes you through a brief overview of the full system which can be used as a refresher or as an introduction for new staff.

The links to book on to a CPOMS webinar are included in your initial ‘Welcome to CPOMS’ email.

There is also an in-built user guide which details in screenshot form how to carry out each of the tasks and we are confident that you will be up and running in no time at all. Support is included and you can contact our help desk from directly within CPOMS itself should you need to.

What are the IT requirements?

CPOMS is a hosted solution and as such has no significant impact on your IT infrastructure within school. All you will need is a device with access to the internet and that’s it! It will work on a smartphone as well as a tablet and can even provide you with access to key information while you are outside of school.

Can I use a Tablet/iPad with CPOMS?

Yes, CPOMS will work on any device with access to the internet. Non-key holding members of staff will simply need access to a device with an internet browser. Those members of staff with higher levels of access to sensitive information will be able to download the CPOMS Authenticator App which will give them full access from an iPad or iPhone. The App is also available on Android and can be downloaded free of charge from the relevant App Stores.

What is the limit on the number of non-key holders I can have?

We do not set a limit as to the number of non-key holders you can have. We would encourage you to have as many members of staff as you think necessary to have access to the system for the purposes of recording incidents. In the same way in which a teacher, member of your admin and support staff or lunchtime supervisor might record information on piece of paper now, they can record information on CPOMS. The relevant people are then alerted and can respond accordingly.