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"CPOMS is extremely beneficial to our safeguarding procedures at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia. Staff update the system regularly and this supports us to monitor various aspects of safeguarding in our school. We know that the information is kept safe and the relevant information can be accessed in a hassle-free manner."

"Mae CPOMS yn hynod fuddiol i'n gweithdrefnau diogelu yn Ysgol Bryn Gwalia. Mae staff yn diweddaru'r system yn rheolaidd ac mae hyn yn ein cefnogi i fonitro gwahanol agweddau ar ddiogelu yn ein hysgol. Rydym yn gwybod bod y wybodaeth yn cael ei gadw'n ddiogel ac mae modd cael mynediad at y wybodaeth berthnasol mewn dull di drafferth."

"CPOMS has revolutionized not only our safeguarding recording but has also helped us to develop further our support for children with emerging needs through tracking their academic and pastoral progress in tandem"

"CPOMS is a user-friendly system for storing all pastoral and safeguarding information centrally and securely. It's intuitive reporting system allows for easy retrieval of data and information making tracking, reporting and transfer of information between schools quick and confidential."

We find that all the information is in one place and chronological and that you are able to add attachments such as CfCF and documents. The customer service with CPOMS is also very helpful as they can quickly direct your call.

A comprehensive easy to use system that keeps all safeguarding and pupil welfare information in one place. Long email chains and separate files are no longer necessary because information can be stored and shared far more effectively.

CPOMS has been an absolutely invaluable tool in the development of our safeguarding procedures. Not only does it allow us to capture essential information from a wide range of sources, it enables us to spot trends and patterns quickly. Several individuals may have different parts of the jig-saw and CPOMS allows us to put the whole picture together much quicker that would previously have been possible. The range of evidence that can be easily stored on the system builds a powerful evidence trail that keeps all relevant stakeholders in the loop at all times. As Safeguarding lead, I no longer have people catching me in the corridor to let me know of a concern they have. These concerns are quickly recorded in the system and can be acted upon accordingly. Ofsted were particularly impressed with our Safeguarding procedures and record keeping when they visited in July 2015. CPOMS let us highlight all the information we held confidentially and provided a strong evidential trail of our actions and their positive impact for the children concerned. Safeguarding is a huge area for all schools and I feel that CPOMS is an essential tool to support this crucial aspect of our work.

We searched for a long time to find an effective and efficient system for recording incidents and actions for our vulnerable children. Nothing matched our requirements until we came across CPOMS.CPOMS provides us with a secure system that is accessible to staff at the levels we choose to allocate them. Informing staff of incidents is straightforward and the system is very well used across the school.The support offered by CPOMS is fantastic, there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone, emails are answered promptly and we have never been disappointed with a response.

CPOMS is a great way of recording incidents and highlighting issues that need attention within the school. It is also a superb way of keeping a sensitive child protection register. During our recent OFSTED inspection (May 2013) we could quickly show trends and requested information through our CPOMS files.

One of the top benefits of using CPOMS for us is that you see the full picture of one incident as it extends over time. The sequencing of the action points is really helpful when you need to look back at something that occurred, and it avoids having to edit out other issues that may also be linked to that student. We also find the option of creating your own categories really useful, so you can tailor them to your school’s circumstances.

The benefit of CPOMS is the ability for all staff at the school to record a concern, and for pastoral and child protection team members to have an overview of each pupil. Having all information in one central, electronic, “bank” is invaluable.

In a large secondary school CPOMS has been fantastic in helping us to track all aspects of safeguarding across the school. This is a secure record keeping system that allows our pastoral team to communicate effectively and efficiently ensuring interventions and support are in place for our young people in need. This system is a powerful tool which is simple to navigate. At the click of the button we have an overview of information and interventions for individuals, groups of students or incident categories. This has been extremely useful in supporting the completion of the Section 175 audit. CPOMS is highly recommended!

We have been delighted by the impact CPOMS has had on our safeguarding practices at Eaton Square School, Mayfair.

The support provided by the CPOMS team is outstanding. Nothing is too much trouble.

CPOMS is proving to be a great asset to our school’s pastoral and safeguarding provision – it is a very effective pastoral tracking system which colleagues find intuitive and easy to use, and the “jigsaw pieces” logged help build up a valuable overall picture of our students’ pastoral welfare.

It’s joined us up.Previously the DSL was holding all the pertinent information on paper in a safe.It was cumbersome and inefficient. Now all relevant staff can contribute and can view information at the appropriate level.We have better jigsaws; it makes the children safer.

CPOMs has enabled me to have peace of mind that no child is going to slip through the cracks because inadequate record keeping or reporting.It’s been easy to implement and the staff find it easy to use.

CPOMS has been a game-changer for Stonyhurst. It has done away with a complex paper filing system to allow links between pupils and incidents to be easily noted and referenced. The reporting aspects of CPOMS are excellent and has allowed us to understand and identify trends we might not have previously been able to.

Safeguarding and Child Protection is the most important thing any school does. CPOMS has enhanced our provision by increasing the efficiency of reporting, tracking, communicating with external agencies and, as such, it has very quickly become integral to the delivery of high impact pastoral care and robust safeguarding at Forest School, London

CPOMS has revolutionised the communication within school.All staff know what they need to know, and as the DSL for a dual site school I am able to have a clear overview of all safeguarding cases at the touch of a button.CPOMS is fantastic and so easy to use.

It is a great one stop shop which gives a useful overview, and you can easily see who has info the key information. It makes reviewing and reporting much easier.

More reliable recording and storing of incidents that have taken place. Quick access when needed and able to monitor situations across year groups to help spot trends/reoccurring problems.

CPOMS Helps us build up the pastoral picture so we can be proactive in looking out for safeguarding concerns.Also – if used effectively – helps share pastoral information with those that need to know.

Excellent to have so much information, in one place. Easily accessed, but securely held. It is transforming the way staff communicate about children.

CPOMS has revolutionised safeguarding within our school and has promoted better outcomes for our students. It is so easy to use so staff are encouraged to share concerns at a very early stage. Secure information sharing through CPOMS enables our Pastoral Team to intervene before issues become a crisis.

Using CPOMS has transformed the monitoring and management of safeguarding within the school.The secure system enables staff to report concerns immediately which are automatically shared with the Safeguarding Team allowing them to deal with them much more effectively

CPOMS enables us to record any incidents or concerns that we may have about a child’s safety. We can then easily share the information with staff who need to know. It provides us with a comprehensive record of any issues or disclosures and highlights our actions. It also enables us to easily link family members and provides us with up to date contact details directly from SIMS. It gives me the confidence to say that we have a highly effective tool for safeguarding. I would recommend it to any school.

CPOMS is invaluable in enabling us to build a bigger picture from fragments of information gathered across the school. It enables those with safeguarding responsibilities to assess risk by having access to a range of staff insight and then be able to inform those necessary in a timely and helpful fashion.

CPOMS has massively enhanced our monitoring of safeguarding issues in school. All concerns, actions, meetings and conversations can be logged in one place so that the key holders can get all of the vital information about a child or a situation quickly and efficiently. In addition to this because you can upload important documents eg cp referrals, fcaf paperwork, again this ensures that all the information is easily accessed and kept up to date. The fact you can have a group of staff who act as key holders means that in the event of staff absence information is still easily available should someone need to take over a CP or safeguarding concern. In addition we now use CPOMs to track our behaviour incidents- we previously used a different online monitoring system but decided we would add in behaviour monitoring so that all the crucial information about a child is in one place. This allows us to identify potential issues more quickly if there are a number of pastoral concerns as well as behavioural issues and therefore the overall well being of pupils can be tracked much more effectively.

Brilliant, really don’t know what I would do without it, it forms a vital and significant recording system in our school – Julie Miles, SENCO – Lead safe-guarder Fantastic system and fantastic CPOMS team, we would be lost without this system which brings the school together and up-date on concerns and safe-guarding systems – Beth Jackson, Senior Mentor

CPOMS supports Phillimore in safeguarding children every day. Recording, reporting and storing every incident, concern, action or document. Flexible and adaptable with excellent support from CPOMS. The system continues to go from strength to strength with additional functionality added on an on-going basis. Simply put I cannot recommend CPOMS enough.

As a split site, three form entry primary school the CPOMS system is ideal for us.Every member of staff in school has access to the system, with different permission levels allowing us to control the level of access. Quality training was provided by the CPOMS team and it quickly became part of our daily safeguarding management systems.One of the most important features for us is the ability to copy information to as many members of staff as you wish, whilst ensuring confidentiality.CPOMS are continuing to further develop the system, ensuring that it keeps pace with the changing role of schools in the safeguarding of pupils. CPOMS staff are well informed and offer prompt advice and support.I would recommend this system to any school wishing to streamline and improve their record keeping systems.

CPOMS has transformed the way in which Stretford Grammar School deals with safeguarding throughout the school. The level of security, the ease of use and the complete transparency of information between the designated users means that the school is completely compliant with the OFSTED guidelines for safeguarding. The adaptability of the software means that we have been able to tailor the way in which we use CPOMS to meet the needs of our school context. The reporting aspect of CPOMS has also proved to be an invaluable tool when reporting to governors and I am able to use reports to highlight areas that need additional resources or further staff input. CPOMS has become an integral part of the school’s safeguarding policy and as a single central record it is faultless. I would recommend all schools to adopt CPOMS as part of their safeguarding procedure.

Brilliant, really don’t know what I would do without it, it forms a vital and significant recording system in our school – Julie Miles, SENCO – Lead safe-guarder Fantastic system and fantastic CPOMS team, we would be lost without this system which brings the school together and up-date on concerns and safe-guarding systems – Beth Jackson, Senior Mentor

CPOMS supports Phillimore in safeguarding children every day. Recording, reporting and storing every incident, concern, action or document. Flexible and adaptable with excellent support from CPOMS. The system continues to go from strength to strength with additional functionality added on an on-going basis. Simply put I cannot recommend CPOMS enough.

I have worked for over 22 years in schools, 17 in my current role as Deputy Safeguarding Officer. Undoubtedly, admin for Safeguarding and Pastoral Support was an enormous challenge, especially regarding Transition. 2 years ago we started using CPOMS and this proved to be an invaluable tool for the management of Safeguarding and Well-being in school. Any information logged can, if needed, be printed or sent electronically which means the mammoth task can be done in an easier, quicker and in a more cost effective way. Instead of laboriously preparing the files and sending via recorded delivery, this can be completed in an instant. A massive thank you to CPOMS and staff… here’s hoping all schools signup ASAP!

CPOMS is well embedded into our Schools daily life.It supports us with our recording on safeguarding, attendance, incidents with pupils /parents as well as recording SEN information and contact with outside agencies.We also use the reporting feature to enable us to complete reports for Governors etc.On our recent Ofsted Inspection the inspectors were very impressed with the system and how we used it for recording information. CPOMS staff are always friendly and helpful and are very prompt with their response to any query.CPOMS is a very valuable tool and I cannot recommend it enough, once you use it you will wonder how you managed without it!

CPOMS has been in operation for about a year now in Ash Green School and it has been adopted as a whole school approach with various members of staff recording on the system. As the lead DSL and school based social worker I can certainly recommend CPOMS to any other school or agency, the system enables all members of staff to communicate with each other on a regular basis be it a Safeguarding matter, behavioural issues and even down to less serious concerns such as teacher discussion’s with parents etc. CPOMS is fantastic in ensuring service user confidentiality and also enables the school to be open and honest in their practice by reassuring the parents/carers that they can view recordings and documents at any time which allows the school to continue to promote positive relationships whilst also getting the more serious messages across to the family etc. The system is easy to navigate and the support you can access via CPOMS is second to none, another bonus is that they are constantly upgrading the system to account for ever changing needs for their customers.

CPOMS is a must have. It’s an invaluable safeguarding and pastoral online tool that allows information to not only be stored securely but also to be analysed and shared quickly. Gone are the conversations in the corridor and the several repeated emails to colleagues and they have been replaced with, “I’ll CPOMS it”. It gets the right information to the right staff at the right time. The information helps colleagues to see each part of the jigsaw puzzle and act accordingly. Accountability is much easier to manage and it has ensured the schools response is both thorough and prompt. The additional reporting tools are invaluable for governors, external agencies and the whole host of safeguarding meetings. As the safeguarding lead it allows me to see the issues we are facing as a school and brief my team of current or emerging trends. As a large school of 1600+ with 200 teaching and support staff I have to be honest and say we couldn’t communicate anywhere near as effectively without CPOMS. I love the fact that CPOMS continues to develop their software alongside the changes in education. They have evolved to meet the demands of government on schools yet still maintain that small business commitment to its users. Thank you!