Safeguarding Adults: Addressing the Challenges of Staff Wellbeing

Learners Safe Guidance_

All staff working in education have an important duty of care to safeguard children. However, it’s also important to recognise that adults are not immune to safeguarding risks. 20th – 24th November 2023 is Safeguarding Adults Week – an initiative led by the Ann Craft Trust, dedicated to raising awareness for the safeguarding issues that […]

Children’s Mental Health Week: Monitoring Signs is Key

The theme for this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week is Let’s Connect – which is centred around the importance of meaningful connections both during Children’s Mental Health Week and beyond.   In recent years there has been an unprecedented amount of change in educational settings including school closures, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and teacher strikes, which have resulted in […]

How CPOMS Saved Me During an Ofsted Inspection

The date was Thursday 11 October 2018. The Tuesday before, Ofsted had announced a surprise inspection at a CPOMS customer’s school.  After having enjoyed relatively calm day compared to her colleagues, this CPOMS user — the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead at the time — was feeling relaxed about the inspection so far. Then, everything changed.  This user, now a CPOMS […]

Managing Staff Compliance with a Digital System

Managing Staff Compliance with a Digital System  All schools must make sure they’re keeping track of their staff effectively to remain compliant. Part of this compliance is maintaining a Single Central Record (SCR) of safeguarding checks that have been carried out for all staff.   It’s also important to keep up to date with general staff […]

Supporting the Wellbeing of Teachers and Staff

Did you know that 72% of education staff report feeling stressed at work? And what’s more, 54% state that they have considered leaving the sector in the past two years due to pressure on their mental health.  There’s no doubt these figures are concerning, but there are many ways you can prioritise staff wellbeing to ensure […]