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See below for issues affecting CPOMS service.
If you do not see an issue you are experiencing below, please contact our customer support team.

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  • 19:20
    Further to our earlier status we followed the necessary procedures to request a review on an incorrect flagging from Google and the warning messages were removed shortly after 15:30 this afternoon.
    Our Teams will continue to monitor to ensure the warnings were properly removed.
  • 13:45

    We have some reports today that Google Chrome is serving some users with a ‘Deceptive site ahead’ warning as they try to access their CPOMS page. This is the same warning that we believe Google incorrectly applied in 2019 which they later removed on the same evening. We want to assure users that there is nothing wrong with CPOMS and that it is functioning normally.

    In order to access your site as normal, please use Internet Explorer / Edge etc (Windows Users) and Opera (Mac Users).

    We are doing everything we can to expedite a resolution from Google and will seek to have the warning removed as soon as is practically possible. In the meantime we want to apologise for any inconvenience caused and reassure you that CPOMS can be accessed as normal via the browsers noted above.

  • 13:30

    Further to the update this morning our engineers investigated and found the problem and access should have been restored to all by 11:13am.


    Engineers were closely monitoring the changes that we had made in March this morning as all schools were returning from the Easter break.

    Now that they have identified the cause of this morning’s issues, which we do not believe were related to the previous problems, the engineers will implement further improvements throughout the rest of the day and this evening.


  • 10:00

    Some of our schools have reported issues this morning from 10:00am accessing CPOMS. Our engineers are aware and are urgently looking into it.

  • 16:00

    Further to our update of 23:00 last night all customers are able to access the CPOMS platform. We would like to thank you again for your continued patience and understanding while we worked to resolve the issues. 

    We are acutely aware of the importance of having access to your safeguarding information. Therefore, we are currently investigating how this issue arose and will look at what further measures could be put in place to prevent this from happening in future.

    Further information has been sent by email to every CPOMS admin contact and there is a pop up on the dashboard of every user.

    Please get in touch with our Customer Support team if you have any further questions.

  • 23:00 :

    The final third of our schools should now be able to access CPOMS. We will continue to monitor throughout the night and provide a further update tomorrow.

    We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

  • 16:30 :

    The most recent changes we have made to the platform mean that two-thirds of our schools can now access the system. Our teams continue to work incredibly hard to get everyone back online as soon as possible. We will issue further information within CPOMS and updates here. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

  • 09:00 :

    Our teams have continued to make progress on the platform overnight and are currently testing. This is important in order to avoid any further issues. In the meantime, we know from some schools that they have kept paper records over the last few days and we would like to remind our customers that these can be uploaded once the platform is running again. We will be providing another update as soon as possible.


  • 17:00 :

    Our engineers are working around the clock and progressing with the multiple strands of work in order to restore full service as soon as possible. Once we have a timeline in place we will share updates on this page, our social media channels and via email. Until then we are still advising customers to avoid trying to access the platform unless it is absolutely necessary, since this should allow access to information for those who have an urgent need. Thank you for your patience.

  • 12:00 :

    Our engineers have continued to work on the issues which have resulted out of the upgrade work which was undertaken over the weekend. Some progress has been made but we appreciate that the system is still running far below normal capacity. Whilst we know that this is far from ideal, we would politely ask that schools refrain from trying to access CPOMS unless it is absolutely critical to provide information externally. This will hopefully allow those who do need urgent access the chance to access their data.

    We now have multiple strands of work underway which are looking at fixing the issue as is as well as the option of resorting to the state before the upgrade work was undertaken. By working on both simultaneously we hope to be able to restore full service in the quickest time possible.

  • 08:30 :
    Our engineers are continuing to work on the performance issues which we have encountered since a system upgrade at the weekend. Although we cannot at this stage give a time frame we will provide a further update at 12:00. Once again our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.


  • 15:00 :

    Our engineers continue to work on the performance issues which have been impacting on service today.
    We are aware that some of our customers have been able to access CPOMS throughout the day and others not but we appreciate that things are very slow.
    Our teams continue to work to ensure that normal service can be resumed as soon as is possible.

  • 11:00 :

    The issue relates to an upgrade of our database servers which took place during routine maintenance over the weekend.
    The maintenance was necessary to upgrade the database version to the most recent and we are working with them to investigate why this routine upgrade has caused the performance issue.

  • 10:00 :
    We are aware of an issue which is impacting on the performance of CPOMS for a number of our users.
    Our teams are investigating and we will update you as soon as is possible.