CPOMS Safeguarding for Sports Clubs

Easily Record Incidents and Ensure Timely Interventions

CPOMS Safeguarding Software for Sports Clubs
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Address Player Concerns Before They Become Significant Problems 

CPOMS Safeguarding software supports your club’s systems and processes that work to monitor player safeguarding, mental health, pastoral and welfare concerns.  

the Process

Drastically simplify safeguarding tasks, including secure data sharing, governance reporting, and more, freeing staff to focus on players.

the Dots 

Bring all the bits of information together in a secure, centralised place to see a chronology emerge early on of a child in need of help.  


Leverage the power of CPOMS to see clearly where help is needed and pave the way for all players to thrive. 

The Many Benefits of CPOMS for Sports Clubs


View a time-ordered narrative through the chronology. Also, record information about adults at risk. Functionality across any device that supports the internet allows staff to record concerns and incidents for players in training or during a tournament.  

Tournament & Event Recording 
Useful when recording safeguarding incidents on match day and during events. When dealing with different agencies such as the Police and Emergency Services the ability to upload the incident directly into CPOMS is a great benefit. Easily pull a report to send to Sports Organisations and National Governing Bodies. 


Tailor CPOMS Safeguarding software to meet your club’s exact needs, including categories of concern, user roles and permissions, input forms and alerts. This helps ensure an effective, easy-to-use tool for Coaches, DSLs and Academy Directors. 

Role-based Access 

The enterprise-level permissions system allows each club to uniquely control which members of staff can access each type of sensitive information.   
Audit Controls
All incidents, actions and key transactions performed in CPOMS Safegaurding are time, date and user-stamped. Consequently, an audit trail is maintained that accurately records all key activities undertaken using the system. Now you can track and analyse what has been done, by whom and when.


Easily prepare reports for management and club officials, provide evidence for external audits and compliance, and statistical breakdowns highlighting individual concerns or trends.   

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