CPOMS Safeguarding for INTERNATIONAL Schools 

Easily Comply with British Safeguarding Standards

CPOMS Safeguarding for International Schools
Ensuring a Joined-up Approach to Safeguarding

Connect the Dots Early on So All Pupils Can Thrive

CPOMS Safeguarding software helps you bring all the bits of information together in a secure, centralised place to see a chronology emerge early on of a child in need of help.

Flexible and Customisable

Ensure CPOMS is aligned to your international setting including categories that may be specific to the country or locale.

Aligned with British Standards

Easily meet safeguarding compliance requirements of Ofsted or ISI with CPOMS’ auditing and reporting features.

Easy on

CPOMS requires little to no training so regardless of how recently a staff member joins up, they can accurately log behaviours and concerns in the system.

The Many Benefits of CPOMS for International Schools


Tailor CPOMS Safeguarding software to meet your school’s exact needs, including categories of concern, user roles and permissions, input forms and alerts. This helps ensure an effective, easy-to-use tool for staff, DSLs and Headteachers.

Role-based Access 

The enterprise-level permissions system allows each school to uniquely control which members of staff can access each type of sensitive information.
MIS Integration
Integration with leading MIS systems prevents the need to enter data twice. CPOMS adds complementary value to existing MIS systems by delivering specialist functionality together with effective management information, trend analysis and useful statistics.

Student Transfers

CPOMS allows schools, with the appropriate consent, to readily obtain and share any portion of a Child Protection history for pupils transferring to and from your school, ensuring continuity of care.
Audit Controls
All incidents, actions and key transactions performed in CPOMS are time, date and user stamped. Consequently, an audit trail is maintained that accurately records all key activities undertaken using the system. Now you can track and analyse what has been done, by whom and when.


Easily prepare summary reports for teachers, management reports for governance and OFSTED, and ISI inspections and statistical breakdowns highlighting student concerns or trends.

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