Over 13,000 schools all over the UK are now successfully using CPOMS to log more than just their safeguarding concerns, including pastoral, wellbeing, behaviour, and medical issues.

We are the market leading, award winning, online safeguarding solution!

“As a Safeguarding lead, the first question I would be asking is – Why aren’t you using CPOMS? A system that allows you to record, share and track concerns and incidents, is the key element of what keeps every schools safe. Added to this, CPOMS provides you with the ability to tailor and adapt to the needs of the children, staff and other professionals. School is a busy dynamic environment and keeping everyone up to date and informed is a challenge; without CPOMS – we would be lost!”


Alongside working with thousands of UK schools, over the last five years CPOMS have progressed from working with one international school, to approximately 150 schools spread over 30 countries.

We’ve developed a high level of knowledge and experience on how best to implement our safeguarding system in diverse international settings, train staff quickly and efficiently, and proactively support usage from there onwards.

Having been approved through the most rigorous data protection laws and regulations from around the world, the adaptable settings and permissions within CPOMS means it’s helping international schools log a wide range of pastoral information about students in order to ensure they are protected and their wellbeing is monitored to the extent that schools wish to do so.

With staff covering a range of time zones we’re able to provide training and demonstrations at your convenience to make sure you get the most from the system for the benefit of your staff and students.

If you’d like to hear from another school in your country about how CPOMS has helped underpin their safeguarding, please get in touch with us and we can point you towards some colleagues in a local setting for a private discussion.


CPOMS is an intuitive system which helps to ensure that children, young people and adults are safe and fully supported. We passionately believe and have seen in action how CPOMS has revolutionised recording processes within a wide range of settings. Senior Leaders can build chronologies around students and produce powerful reports on vulnerable pupil groups for Case Conference Meetings, Governors, OFSTED, ESTYN and ISI at the touch of a button.

“CPOMS has revolutionized our safeguarding record keeping ensuring that records are now of greater depth and kept with much greater efficiency. I have found their customer service useful and available as well as affiliated training useful.”


We are trusted by thousands of schools who are in Multi Academy Trusts take a look at the Ascent Academies Trust – Case Study below:

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With CPOMS Engage at the Local Authority, safeguarding information can be shared with CPOMS schools via an automated Share Contract and seamless, secure transfer between systems. The simplicity and speed help ensure a timely, collaborative approach to a pupil’s safety and wellbeing. Local Authorities can also provide direct visibility of domestic abuse incidents received from Police. Entered at the Local Authority, the information becomes available immediately to the appropriate CPOMS school(s). Now you can eliminate the need to reformat files, send secure emails and make countless phone calls and focus your time, instead, on providing pupils in distress with the early help and support they need.

“We have used CPOMs for several years and could not be without it. It is a very valuable resource that helps us, the safeguarding team, and other staff members, to have a broad timeline of events to hand at any time. This is very useful for report writing, information to other professionals and staff seeing the ‘whole’ picture of the child. Staff are alerted straight away if there is a concern and during transition staff can access the files to ‘get to know’ their new class. We use it for all categories of concern from parental contact through to safeguarding. Letters and minutes are scanned and saved onto the system, ensuring instant access when needed- no more rummaging around in paper files looking for a certain document. CPOMs is our lifeline and ensures the safety and well-being of our children and families. Staff also love using it as they get instant notifications if there are any concerns, but they can also add concerns instantly without having to leave the classroom. We could not work without CPOMs in our daily work – 100% recommend this product.”


From after school sports to Premier League football clubs, we work with a wide range of sports clubs. Having CPOMS allows a detailed chronology to be built for each child whether that is in school or while they are enjoying a hobby. It allows different establishments to talk to each other, easily and efficiently all while the child’s safety is the main priority.

“We have been using CPOMS as our online safeguarding reporting platform at Southampton Football Club for over 4 years now and it really is a fantastic system. The development team have been great in helping us to adapt parts of the platform to work effectively for a sports organisation and their support team are always on hand and quick to respond should we have any technical queries. CPOMS has really helped us to become so much more on top of our safeguarding case management, it is very easy for our staff to use and encourages everyone to safely and promptly record any concerns or incidents as they arise across the club.”


CPOMS works with several different charities, providing an award-winning software for them to log any issues they might come across from, safeguarding, wellbeing and pastoral, to bullying, medical and behaviour.

With a fully customisable system, its easy to add new volunteers, children, categories, and agencies.

“CPOMS is an excellent reporting and analysis system. It is the daily essential for communication of all incidents to ensure young people safety is of the utmost importance and staff are kept informed seamlessly.”


Can’t see your establishment on the list? We work with many different settings such as PRU’s Churches and Fire Stations.

As CPOMS is totally customisable we can build a system suitable for you.

“As an SEMH PRU we really needed a robust, flexible, and secure method of reporting our safeguarding concerns. CPOMS is all of these. It has given us peace of mind, knowing that we are keeping on top of recording any issues. There is also great support, both online and by phone, when there is a technical issue.”



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