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What is CPOMS?

CPOMS is the market leading software application for monitoring child protection, safeguarding and a whole range of pastoral and welfare issues. Working alongside a school’s existing safeguarding processes, CPOMS is an intuitive system to help with the management and recording of child protection, behavioural issues, bullying, special educational needs, domestic issues and much much more. Using CPOMS, schools can ensure that students are safe and fully supported, whilst school staff can focus on teaching and providing support, instead of administration.

Every member of staff across school has an obligation to report any concerns which they may have. CPOMS allows them to record information in a central repository and have relevant people alerted immediately. Senior leaders are able to build a chronology around a student and can produce reports on vulnerable pupil groups for Case Conference Meetings, Governors, Ofsted, Estyn and ISI at the touch of a button.

Builds A Chronology

CPOMS allows you to quickly, easily and above all else securely record all of the information you have on a child in one place. The chronology around a student is built automatically and trends are much easier to spot than they would be on bits of paper. Members of staff from across school can add information to CPOMS allowing Senior Leaders to take appropriate follow up action thereafter.

Works Anywhere

CPOMS can be accessed from wherever you have an internet connection and will display neatly across all devices including tablets and smartphones. How often do busy members of staff get home in an evening and think that they should have recorded a key piece of information? With CPOMS they can do it there and then and have key members of staff alerted.

Powerful Reporting

It’s no good having all of your information neatly stored if you cannot interrogate it. Reporting within CPOMS allows you to analyse your data with a few clicks of a mouse. Unlike many report builders, the system is intuitive and doesn’t take any training. Needing summary numbers for Governors, Ofsted, Estyn or ISI? You have them, instantly!

Fully Customisable

CPOMS can be tailored to meet your schools exact needs. You decide what categories of information you would like to monitor and away you go. Want to add a new category? No problem, it can be done in seconds. You could record all of your Child Protection and Safeguarding information as well as recording notes about interventions for Pupil Premium Students or those with SEN.

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What Our Schools Are Saying

CPOMS is amazing! It has given me peace of mind in my role as Designated Person that staff are reporting promptly in order that appropriate actions can be taken to safeguard our students swiftly… If you haven’t got it yet, you need it… ask for a demonstration and you will never look back.

Suzanne Fox, Director of Student Welfare, Hazel Grove High School, Stockport

We simply couldn’t do without CPOMS, it is the glue that pulls everything together.

Saira Luffman, Principal, Swallow Hill Community College, Leeds

Sudbourne Primary School has been using CPOMS for quite a few years now, and without exception, everyone here would recommend it wholeheartedly. It is simple to use, but powerful in its impact… It is the best software investment we have made in years.

Sophia Henderson, Sudbourne Primary School, Lambeth

CPOMS is a must have. Gone are the conversations in the corridor and the several repeated emails to colleagues and they have been replaced with, “I’ll CPOMS it”.

Russell Clarke, Deputy Headteacher, Haslingden High School, Lancashire

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