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The Annual Hosted Service Price
for a Primary School

with    pupils* is

* you can change the number of pupils


bundled discount



bundled discount

Bundled pricing

Customers looking to purchase  CPOMS and CPOMS StaffSafe at the same time are entitled to a 50% reduction on the list price of CPOMS StaffSafe.

All annual charges include

• Unlimited SoftKeys
   delivered via our iOS or Android app
• MIS Integration

Annual charges include all costs associated with integrating with your MIS. We currently support automatic integration for Arbor, Bromcom, Engage, CMIS, Integris G2, iSAMS, PASS/3SYS, Progresso, Prosolution, PupilAsset, ScholarPack, SIMS, UNIT-e, Veracross & VS. Manual integration can be offered to schools using a different MIS. Should automatic integration be a requirement for schools using an MIS which is not currently supported, we would be happy to explore options but would reserve the right to charge a one off extraction fee. Please contact us to discuss.


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