We’ve just release version 5.0 of CPOMS! We’ve been focusing on a few significant enhancements which should make getting the most out of CPOMS that bit easier. Please take a moment to read the rest of this page and familiarise yourselves with the new capabilities.

Editable incidents and actions

The biggest change in this update to CPOMS is the new ability for certain CPOMS users to be able to edit incidents and actions. It’s a principle of CPOMS that nothing is removed once it has been entered in to the system, and this remains the case. If you edit or delete an incident, CPOMS will keep all previous versions of the incident in it’s “changelog” so that nothing is ever lost. This will make it easier for you to correct mistakes that we all make when entering information in to CPOMS during a busy day and yet still retain the important original entry of a concern.

CPOMS users who are a member of a User Group with the Edit incidents permission will be able to access these new controls. As well as editing, you will also be able to remove incidents or actions from the chronology. For all other users, it will appear as though the incident or action never existed, but those with the permission will be able to see a ‘deleted marker’ in it’s place in the chronology with options to restore and view the change log.

Saved reports

You can now save a report as you generate it which stores a copy of the exact report in the Saved reports area. With saved reports you can refer back to the report if you need to, regenerate the report afresh, and generate a Sharing link which can be used to securely share the contents of the report with someone who doesn’t necessarily have an account on your CPOMS. This works by generating an unguessable web address which you can share where the report can be viewed without logging in to CPOMS.

You can create saved reports from the Custom Report tab of Reporting by entering a title at the bottom and clicking on Save Report rather than the usual Generate Report. There is a new system permission for creating sharing links called Share saved reports, by default no user group will be assigned the permission but you can update this via the Admin area (Manage Users tab, then click a user group on the left side).

Student information

For customers who do not have automatic integration between CPOMS and your Management Information System, we have expanded the information that is available to be entered manually from the Edit information section. You can now select ethnicity, first language, medical conditions and a few other things. All the drop-downs allow you to choose from any already entered values or to add new ones by typing them in.